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As a worldly traveler, you have probably had a lot of experience spending nights in hotels and enjoying the services they give you. This is likely the type of accommodation you use on your tips, as it is the most popular in most cities and the most obvious guess for those planning a trip for the first time. Of course, though, you have several options here, not just a hotel. In fact, the range of places you have to stay in most places is quite staggering. To help you find the best accommodation for you, this post will be going through four of the different options you have.

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  • Hostels


For some people, more than a bed and a place to secure their bags will be a waste. If you like to spend your trips out and about, you don’t need to be paying for the expensive services hotel offers. Instead, using a hostel, you would only be paying for the bed you sleep in, making the whole trip a lot cheaper. Depending on the options you choose, you will either be sharing a room with others or you can have one to yourself. This is the best option for those traveling alone and on a budget.

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  • Guest Houses/Spare Rooms


Of course, the basic amenities found in most hostels will be far too little to satisfy the needs of some, and you might want something a little nicer for your stay. Guest houses and spare rooms can give this to you, offering the chance to spend your break in a local home, living with the people who own it. This is the best way to live as a local, as most of these options will throw you into the thick of it. Along with this, though, this sort of place is also perfect for those who would like more security on their trip.

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  • Hotels


Some people will want a little bit of tradition on their holiday, and this is where the fabled hotel comes in. This sort of option is found in every city and town around the world. This makes it easy to make your room reservation in Shanghai Pudong Hotel now, along with other hotels across the world. This sort of place is perfect for those looking for a way to take their family on their vacation. Hotels are usually child-friendly, while also providing the security and services you want throughout your stay.


The type of accommodation you choose can have a major impact on your overall vacation. Unfortunately, when people make the wrong choices here, it could leave you without some very important elements to your trip. The ability to travel around, be secure, and have a good night’s sleep will all be dependent on the place you choose to stay. Thankfully, though, most hotels, hostels, and other accommodation types will have reviews from their past customers. This sort of resource makes it much easier to decide upon the place you’ll be using. Of course, though, it’s worth doing research in other areas, like transport, too.

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  1. Jimmy | 14th Sep 17

    Hey there Karla! Great article! A lot of information and options to consider! You also have a great looking family!!! 🙂 Love to see families that travel together!

  2. Stacey | 14th Sep 17

    Good overview. When I’m with my family, I will probably choose a hotel. It’s just so convenient. And we try to choose one with an indoor pool and hot breakfast. Maybe someday we’d consider a house.

  3. Tara | 14th Sep 17

    You are spot on! Where you stay matters as much as the destination! Although the adventure (and price) of hostels is attractive, I’m 100% a hotel girl.

  4. Harmony, Momma To Go | 14th Sep 17

    I did hostels back in my younger days, and they are great. Now with a family, we do hotels and airbnb type accomodations. Depends on the location and what we are feeling. Sometimes for shorter stays, the hotel is cheaper because sometimes vacation rentals have an upfront fee/cleaning fee that you have to pay no matter the length of your stay

  5. April | Minivan Adventures | 14th Sep 17

    Honestly, we typically stay in hotels and have been nervous to try other options. We finally started venturing out into something new by renting out entire vacation homes (usually through VRBO). Maybe sometime soon we will get adventurous enough to try some of these other options, too.

  6. Jared Holman | 14th Sep 17

    When I stayed in Indonesia, I didn’t have to stay at a single hostel or airbnb. But I was lucky to have friends that I could stay with while I was there. When I go to Dubai next summer, I’ll be staying in hostels so I think that this information was relevant to me. Thank you!

  7. Julz | 15th Sep 17

    i am definitely a hotel kinda-girl 🙂 and if it can be luxurious as well, it’s better 😀 The pool picture is cool – I like city hotels with outdoor space. Singapore is really good for that too. I’d love to check out Shanghai – I wanted to go when there was world exposition but I couldn’t talk my husband into it..

  8. umiko buhl | 15th Sep 17

    Now that our son is 10, we will surely look for hostels or guest houses/spare rooms. Thanks for the ideas. We started using Airbnb this summer when we went to Hannibal, MO. I would say it was an interesting experience but I still don’t have time to write about it. We’re looking into tree houses, yurts, cabins, and places like that for our next trips.

  9. worldheritagebd | 15th Sep 17

    Really interesting one with a lot of important information.

  10. Leah | Nomad'er the Distance | 15th Sep 17

    You take some seriously awesome pictures!

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