Empress Mimi Lingerie Monthly box Review

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I was very happy to receive my first box from Empress Mimi Lingerie this month for review and let me tell you why.

But first let me tell you who Empress Mimi is:

Empress Mimi is women envisioned a lingerie brand that channeled inclusivity, self-love, and self-expression. A brand by women for women, which would turn the every day into a little decadent celebration, with designs that adorned the body, and frequent deliveries which meant underwear shopping could become another thing to cross off the to do list.  It was created by women for women. (this is text is from Empressmimi.com website)

I’m a stay at home mom as many of you already know and I know I that a lot of you my readers are on the same boat with me so maybe you will understand why I decided to do this review that is a little out of my comfort zone and out of my various niches.

We all do it, take care of everyone else and not ourselfs. We make sure that everyone is fed, the clothes are washed and folded, breakfast, lunch and dinner is ready to go, we do groceries on a weekly or monthly basis, we clean our houses, make sure our family is safe and healthy, anyways what don’t we do for our families right.

But we have to take time for ourselfs, for our marriage or relationship with our significant other, we have to ladies there is no doubt about that. I know that it is hard sometimes but it is a must do. I mean common we have to be honest, quality time with our significant other is a thing that we really don’t get as much anymore with all of the other things that we have to take care of everyday and all day, so by the end of our days we are just beat, tired, exhausted, just wanting to rest and go to sleep and re gain energy for the next day or next battle however you want to call it.

Now to the point, I voluntereed to review Empress mimi’s lingerie box this month because I felt that it was an excuse for me to surprise my hubby with some nice lingerie, it was also a way of thinking about me and him just for once. He works all day almost everyday and I’m home with the kids doing everything else, why not take some time for us.

Empress Mimi sent out this cute box right to my door and inside it had this very cute set of lace lingerie and with it some very cute accesories, a choker, a cute bracelet and a beautiful hair pin. I was in love once I opened the box, first of all I didn’t expect for all these things to be in there and also be so perfect, and my husband loved it also.

So I decided to sign up for their monthly subscription which starts at 25 dollars a month, I mean it doesn’t get any better than this for that price you get new lingerie everymonth and some new accesories to show off to your love and look sexy for him. Why not?

“Men Love Surprises”

We as stay at home moms tend to forget about what made us fall in love with each other, we forget how much fun we had with our love before the kids came along, so why not remember those times and bring them back to life every once in a while or even better at least once a month surprise him with the new lingerie set. You won’t regret it and he will love it and love you more for it. Men love Surprises!

It is super easy to sign up and start receiving your Empress mimi lingerie box, just head on to their website right now Empressmimilingerie.com. They even have a size guide for you and various options that you can choose from. They also offer an option to send the box as a gift is you don’t want it for your self, maybe you can surprise one of your friends with a gift for their honeymoon.

So why not make a special night some night and use those expensive sheets that you’ve been saving in your closet with those nice smelling candles that you have hiding for that special occasion. Put your hair down and have fun be sexy be adventurous, put on your best perfume, but make sure that you put the kids to sleep early ha ha (VERY IMPORTANT)!

I really hope that you decide to give it a try like I did.

Truly Yours



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