Feel Stress Free with the Thrive app (Review)

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The Thrive app is actually called Feel Stress Free and it was created by psychiatrists and phycologist at Thrive, is an app that can help you manage your mental health and help you relax in as little as 5 minutes. The app comes with different features and techniques and by practicing those techniques you will learn to build resilience to pressures, anxieties, and stresses that life throws your way.

I’m very happy and feel very lucky to have been able to review this app Thrive. The opportunity came to me at the perfect moment, I had been feeling stressed out a lot lately because of a lot of things. Being at home all day, taking care of the home, the kids and everything else that come with the duty and joys of being a stay at home parent can put a lot of stress on one’s shoulders.

So let talk to you about this app that makes has been helping me relax whenever I  get that alone time for myself or even when I’m breastfeeding my baby at times.

I’ve been reviewing it for a little over a month now and from the start, I already noticed how it helped me relax, my stress will go away almost immediately right after listening to the calm sounds that come thru the app on my phone.

Exercises that come with the app:

Mood Meeter:

This exercise will help track your mood overtime. If you are feeling rough it will help you question the thoughts that are making you feel that way. It has proven to be effective when dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression. On this exercise, the app will ask you several questions about how you have been feeling lately to determine if you might be suffering from depression or anxiety or maybe both. I was very honest when I answer my questions and it gave me the answer that I was expecting and more and also suggestions on what to do about it like maybe meditate for a couple of minutes or go take a swim for an hour. I really find this exercise very helpful and while taking this little survey there is relaxation music playing in the background which is helpful also.


Breathing is another of the exercises that I really loved about the app. Deep Slow breathing si an essential technique incorporated in many relaxation exercises. It shows you how to take deep breaths for different times like 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7, 10 or 15 minutes it’s really up to you how many minutes you want to do the exercise for. I did the 3 minutes and the 10 minutes and liked both.


Meditation another one of the exercises on the app. You can do the meditation exercise in many different ways that the app suggests like taking a short walk, sensory which is listening to different sounds, Mindful earth which allows you to learn not to engage worrying thoughts, letting them go by and mindful body scan which teaches you to learn to focus your attention on your body sensations, I really liked this last one because it helped focus on something else other than worries.

Deep Muscle

The Deep Muscle technique teaches you and walks you thru relaxing your muscles which also allows you to relax your mind. I used this one when it was almost time for me to go to bed to help me relax and forget about whatever had made me feel stressed during the day and have a good night sleep. After doing this exercise at night I would wake up more happy and energetic in the mornings.


The self-suggestion technique allows you to link a word or phrase with the experience of being calm. The exercise walks you thru what you need to do to reach the calmness and it combines the deep muscle exercise with this one.

This app also comes with mind relaxing games that will help you along the way of your journey of becoming stress free.

I really recommend this app to anyone, not only to the people suffering from stress, anxiety or depression but for anyone that just likes to relax and feel at ease sometimes and enjoys feeling happy.

For more information on the app and how to download the app, you can visit the website at www.thrive.uk.com.

Well, I hope that you give it a try.

Until next one



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